Saturday, October 13, 2007

TAST Week 41 Lace Border Stitch

Lace Border Stitch has been a problem for me -I really could not get the gist of the last piece of the instructions about "don't forget to pass the needle under the bar formed as it is neccessary to form the knot"--I didn't know whether I went up under the bar or down under the bar.
Sometime it looked like the ones in Sharon's pictures sometimes it didn't.
So I did samples of both and then I did one where I went under the bar on the right hand side--
and I ended up with rows that looked very much like each other in some form....BUT...I think the green row on the right hand side is the correct one.
But then they could be all wrong and if they are well I rather think I will just have to admit that this stitch beat me.
I like this sample anyway and I'm glad that I have been learning stitches that I haven't heard of before and I must admit I will be sorry when the TAST challenge ends.

I have used a very nice even weave linen and Perle cottons for this sample.


Barbara said...

I see ,you are very busy last days!I think each one of the blogger is creating wonderful too!

Dianne said...

I think I managed to do 4 or 5 weeks, and now it's up to week 41! Well done Doreen!!!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You did well with week 41 Doreen! At least yours looks like the example. Mine was a total flop, but had fun with it anyway.

Penny said...

I think mine looks like chicken scratching, couldnt get the hang of it at all.