Monday, October 15, 2007

Sand Castles

Then there were these sandcastles which were truly amazing.
There was more than 20 tonnes of sand in the Old Parliament house one and 60 tonnes of sand in the War Memorial one.
After they were built they were sprayed with a bonding glue to prevent them falling to pieces if it rained.
Each year there is a theme associated with Floriade and this year it was Great Aussie Icons and what is more of an Australian icon than both the War Memorial and the Old Parliament House buildings--both situated in Canberra.
The first photo is of the War Memorial Sandcastle------

And the second one is Old Parliament House

How clever is this?


sue said...

looks like you had a great time, not sure how they make the sandcastles as mine always collapse straight away!!

Christine said...

I was in Canberra during Floriade, but the crowds were SOOOO big, and I'm not great in them, that I didn't go. Now I wish I'd seen those sand castles ! they fascinate me, probably because I lived inland as a child and always wished I could go to the beach to build some. OK note to self, Floriade 2008, in the diary NOW.
Hooroo, Christine.