Friday, March 2, 2007

TAST Cross Stitch

The TAST stitch this week is Cross stitch.
Cross stitch is a simple stitch that we usually associate with kits that can be purchased in a multitude of designs and when done very well they are beautiful.
I had thought of doing a sampler working my name in Cross stitch but then decided to follow on with the colour wheel experiment again.
I have worked in the tertiary colours blending them as I went down the block.
I worked 3 rows of cross stitch in red i.e. 1 row down and then 1 row back to complete the first set of crosses and then I did another row down in red but then I joined in the new colour to complete the row back.
I continued in this manner starting the new colour on the second row- right hand side each time thus creating the shaded look until I reached the purple where I did 3 rows like I did for the red.
I hope this makes sense to you because I realise as I am typing this up that it may sound like gobledegook to every one else.
I have lightened the photo up also so that you can see the gradation of colours.In the second sample are Stars of cross stitch some are x way and some are + way and I have put them over each other I know they have a name for this but I can't remember what it is--(I plead a seniors moment)
The last sample is called Chicken Scratch -well that's what I know it as - but it does have other names as well.
I did this sample last year at the Embroiderers Guild in Canberra where we were teaching the children during the school holiday classes.
The foundation for this type of embroidery is cross stitch worked on gingham and the instructions can be found here.
After the rows of crosses are worked you then proceed to weave the thread around the legs of the crosses in a certain manner to create the patterns.
The finished design looks like lace and one of the names for this type of embroidery is Poor man's lace.
I love doing Chicken Scratch.


Annica said...

Hi Doreen,
Very nice samples! The Chicken Scratch was really interesting. I don't think I've ever seen it before.

Micki said...

Your samples look great. The chicken scratch is new to me.

Dianne said...

You are so good - always up to date with your samples.

neki desu said...

Thanks for sharing the chicken scratch-love the name!i see a lot of possibilities there.
And your samples are very nice.

thanks for stopping by

neki desu

Jacquelines blog said...

They look very nice, you are so patient. I use the machine often, but I like hand embroidery as well if it wouldn't take so many time. I think it's relaxing, isn't it?

Peticelul Romanesc said...

Your colors and the cross were very nice to see, and the chicken scratch reminds me of my grandmother´s works! Very elegant and well done! Corina

Penny said...

The chicken scratch looks great, I printed it for when I might, if ever, have time to try it. Love your graded cross stitch.

kay susan said...

Nice colour experiments! Like the chicken scratch - there are quite a few enthusiasts out there!

Have a look through Chloe's Place:

sammy said...

Gosh my sis did a lot of chicken scratch a long time ago... I had forgotten about it... but you are right the gingham blue fabric that Dot sent me will work up awesome in this... Thanks for the heads up on it and also for the link on how it is done... going to work on some tonight! Gosh I do learn a lot from you! :0)