Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dotee Dolls

I am participating in a Dotee doll swap that is being run by Dot otherwise known as Dotee.
Dot is famous world wide for her little Art dolls (well in the blog world anyway) and many people have been lucky enough to receive one in these little treasures including me (and Ebony).
Dot decided to run a Dotee doll swap whereby you were to make 3 Dotee dolls and send them to her and you would receive 3 in return from other people.
Dot is doing all the swapping and returning of the little dolls (whew and what a job that will be).
Anyway here are my 3 little girls--Don't they look happy or maybe a little bit mischievous.
Maybe they know a secret and are not going to tell.
I did enjoy making these as they took on a personality of their own while I was embellishing them.
I now have to make 3 Dotee doll ATC's to send along also- well they are almost finished and I will put them on the blog tomorrow.


Dotee said...

Oh, they are so adorable Doreen!!

I know that their new mama's will be very happy to adopt them.

They look so happy in a row (and they do look a bit mischievous too).

Love the one on the right with the orange hair (is that ribbon?).

I am going to have so much receiving all of the Dolls and ATC's in this swap. And may find it very hard to let them go!!

Can't wait to see the Dotee doll ATC's tomorrow.

Doreen G said...

Yes --her hair is silk ribbon

Janet said...

They're adorable! I like them all.

Sue B said...

They're terrific!

Emmy said...

so lovely al of them

Fran├žoise said...

Yes, they do look mischievous, but so cute!

sammy said...

Doreen, your dotee dolls are so cute... I hope I end up with one as the new mom! I love the way you did the ribbon hair... Look forward to seeing your ATC's for the swap!

Lynne said...

Love these dolls, especially seeing 3 in a row. Love the ribbon hair.

Dianne said...

They are very sweet, cute, gorgeous, lovely, etc....... In fact I love them all!!!

Holly Stinnett said...

These are FANTASTIC! I love the "hair" on the one on the end. What a fabulous idea!

Terri's ThreadArt said...

These are just PRECIOUS!!!!!! Terri