Sunday, March 18, 2007

Card making Class

Let me firstly say that Card Making is another one of the crafts that I like to do.
Last week I attended a card making class at our local card /scrapbooking shop.
I often attend these classes especially if the card that they are making is different from the l ones that I usually make.
This was called a Shoppers Coupon card.
I think it is the type of card you would give a best friend because it has lots of tags in it suggesting that you will spend time with her doing girlie things.
From left to right is the opened card-then the back and next is the front cover tied with a ribbon.
This is a concertina card.

Next is page one which has 2 mini concertina albums on it with messages suggesting you have lunch or coffee etc.

Page 2 is a specialty paper with girl talk on it and a piece of lace.
The third and fourth pages both have more messages which are held on to the page by different techniques.
Each piece of paper and the tags were coloured around the edges using Distress Inks which gives them an antique look.
I enjoy these classes not only because I learn something new but I meet nice people as well.
When I attend these classes everything is included in the fee including the use of their tools.
I am hoping that I will be able to interpret some of the cards that I learn to make into fabric art.
But wait there's more--but not today


Purple Missus said...

WoW I love this Doreen. What a brilliant idea which could be adapted to so many different situations. Those Distress Inks look like they could be right up my street. :)
Looking forward to seeing what else you created.

Sue B said...

Wow Doreen, this is awesome!

Dianne said...

What a great card!! I agree, this is a great card for a special friend

Annica said...

That's a beautiful card, Doreen! I love the idea of putting tiny messages inside the card.

Julie H said...

What a gorgeous card for someone special. I too like classes for meeting people.

The Thread Studio swap cards you received below are all fabulous too.

Gunnels blog said...

these card is wonderful! I have also seen the card you did for Annica, you are very talented!

molly jean said...

Lots of lovely ideas here to add to cards or altered books!

Dotee said...

You are really good at these Doreen. Am so glad you enjoyed your class, and got to meet new people. Creative people are so friendly aren't they?

Gypsy Purple said...

I totally love this!!!!!