Thursday, March 1, 2007

ATC's and more

I have been a bit slow in posting this ATC and I have apologised to Micki for this-it looks a lot nicer than this photo shows and has the most amazing purple Bullion stitches.
Thank you Micki it is beautiful. The second ATC comes from Hilary and has a wonderful texture and the colour is so beautiful
and also has beads scattered on it.

Hillary also included some silk ribbon that she had dyed and the colours are so subtle.Thank you very much Hillary.
I would also like to tell everyone that after my big clean up I discovered this wonderful wooden desk underneath all that clutter--I'd forgotten what it looked like-maybe now I will begin creating again.


StegArt said...

Congrats on the big clean up. And such lovely ATCs to view.

Micki said...

Hilary's ATC and ribbons are very pretty.

Penny said...

Doreen I left a comment on your fly stitch. i had a big spend at the Thread Studio stall and have a yummy lot of things. Only spent on what was on my list, very restrained!

Dianne said...

Lovely ATC's. The ribbon looks yummy!! (Can you come and clean my art/craft room -pretty please?!!)

Dotee said...

Gorgeous ATC's! And that ribbon looks beautiful.

I think I should hire you to come and help tidy up my creative mess.
Mind you we would both get so distracted by art we would probably end up creating instead!