Monday, March 5, 2007

Easter ATC Swap

I am participating in an Easter ATC swap hosted by Sammy
It is a 5 for 5 swap and I decided to portray both the Christian and commercial side of Easter on my ATC's.
I have not added a lot of heavy embellishments mainly for postage reasons.
I made the bunnies by using card stock and a bunny punch and I put Diamond glaze on them to give them a glossy effect.
I am posting 3 of the 5 here for you to see.
The background on the first one is a bit of hand dyed fabric that I did years ago. The backgrounds on the second two are woven.
I have a friend who owns a patchwork shop and she gave me this big bag of strips of fabric.
Most people know what a fat quarter is--ie half of a half a metre of fabric.
My friend would cut the fabric off the bolt in half metre lengths and then cut the fold off and end up with 2 fat quarters (are you still with me) well the strips of folded material are what I used to weave and make the background.
What I did was to wind a dark perle cotton around a 6" square wire frame to form the warp(or is it weft) and then proceeded to weave the thin strips of fabric under and over the threads.
I selected colours to make it look like a scene.
When I had finished weaving I ironed it onto a piece of iron on interfacing to support it.
Then I cut it from the frame and stitched over it to hold it all together.
I cut it into ATC size and Stitched grasses etc. --glued on the bunny and hand stitched a cross and there you have it.
I hope the people who get them will be happy.


Purple Missus said...

The people who get them will be VERY happy Doreen. I like the technique you used there - notes made for future use :))

Dotee said...

I agree with Lynda Doreen. I am positive that anyone who receives one of your ATC's would be thriled.

Thank for sharing the technique you used for the 2nd photo. The background looks incredible! (and what a wonderful way to use small pieces of fabric).

Love the simplicity of the first ATC. The image of the rabbit and the cross speaks volumes.

Beautiful work.

Dave Richards said...

They look've done a wonderful job...thanks for sharing them with us...and hey also drop by my blog on Easter Wishes sometimes and check out all the wonderful stuff i've posted there!!!

Anne said...

I love it when people find ways to use the little scraps so many others would throw away. Your backgrounds are so beautiful, I'm sure this will inspire many others as well.

Janet said...

These are great! I love the woven background and thanks for sharing your technique with us.

Micki said...

They all look fabulous. The weaving technique makes a wonderful background, but the hand dye looks great with your stitching too.

sammy said...

Oh wow, I can't wait to get these in mail... Love the way you put the bunny and the cross together... am so lucky to be having them come to my house for a bit....

Julie H said...

These are wonderful!!! If the people are not happy (and I can't imagine that for a moment) then please have them send the ATC's on to me!

I would like to reach out and feel all that texture! What beautiful colours too.

Barbara said...

I love your works and I visit your blog very often !!Grates Barbara

Dianne said...

Easter, I can't believe it is nearly upon us!! Wonderful ATC's, the bunnies ae just so cute!!

Bejeweled said...

These are just wonderful! I love the weaving technique you used and the way you skillfully selected the colors. And thank you for stopping by my blog! The One World One Heart Spring Giveaway is so much fun!