Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Paper clay Tiles

I went out and purchased another packet of Delight paper clay recently because I wanted to make some more tiles .
I rolled the paper clay out and then used a pastry cutter to cut out the shapes-one was a circle shape and the other was square and both cutters had scalloped edges.
I left them for about a hour and then with a stamp I imprinted the image into the clay.
I used a moon face stamp and also several Color Box mini Molding mats that I have.
The white pieces are what the tiles looked like after I had imprinted on them.
It took several days for them to dry out properly-normally it doesn't take that long but this time it did.
I then painted the tiles with Jo Sonja's black Background Paint-this is a thick paint that gives a good coverage and doesn't soak into the paper clay and it dries fairly quickly so the paper clay doesn't loose it's shape.

When the paint was dry I rubbed them lightly with antique gold "Goldfinger".
I also rubbed the sides to finish them off.
Lastly I painted over them with Acrylic wax to seal them.
When Paper clay is dry it is still pliable and soft enough to stitch into and it is possible to make holes in the tile to add jump rings or use brads to attach them to cards.
And here are the finished Tiles--they have a metallic look about them -but they are very lightweight which was what I was after because I wanted to put them onto cards that I make.
If I use the metallic ones that you can buy in the shops they are too heavy and it then costs a lot more in postage.
Australia Post make enough money out of me as it is and I am not going to give them any more than I have to.


Sue B said...

These are very cool Doreen. Now I've got to go out and get myself some paperclay!

Lisa said...

I never thought of using my paperclay this way. I love playing with it. These are great. I'll have to try it!

Micki said...

These are great looking. I'll have to give it a try.

Julie H said...

Thank you so much for sharing your technique - because these are gorgeous.

Penny said...

Another thing I must remember to get out and do, Its fun isnt it. Am I ever going to have enough time in my life to finish all i want to do?

sammy said...

Great colors and so much detail! awesome!

Dotee said...

I love how you use paperclay in so many different ways. These look great. Must get some Goldfinger. Haven't found it down here in Victoria so might email you for your friends details.

I sew paperclay too!

Dianne said...

Love these Doreen!! I'm going to give these a try - I have some paperclay somewhere???

Pioneercaps said...

wow!!amazing tiles and making great inspiration.These paper clay tiles are looking awesomely beautiful.