Friday, October 14, 2011

A little bit More

Three more little pieces that will be turned into buttons.
I am doing the "Buttons and More" workshop over on Karen's Contemporary Embroidery sight.
The idea is to embroider within the circle and then make it into a covered button--you can see my tacking thread in some of the photos.
This one looks like a vase of flowers--not planned but that is how it turned out-there are Spider Webs-French Knots and Bullion Stitch.
I have decided to add a small amount of pink to each one which will tie them all together.

Little worms?--- I think I can honestly say I can do Bullion stitch now.

This one is hard to see because I was having trouble with the camera.

There are three bands of needle weaving and one of them has a row of pink Buttonhole stitch which then has another row in white to make it look like lace.

The other stitches are mainly French Knots (with three pink ones) and lastly is a spider web but it is not in the usual shape--just to be different.

My intention is to mount these on a box canvas but Iwill have to make one more (so there is an uneven number)
I am enjoying this class.

Now I have to try my hand at damp stretching---------------


Maggi said...

They are all so pretty Doreen. Does the fact that you are mounting them on box canvas mean that you won't be making buttons from them?

Heather said...

These are lovely Doreen. I love all those stitches - they give such texture and are so tactile. Once you have made them into buttons they will fall into the designer category.

Janet said...

These are all so beautiful and delicate but that last one is exquisite! When I clicked on it to make it bigger I could see all the details.

karen said...

ah, damp stretching! you will be addicted I promise!! Keep up the good work. You are now officially teachers pet and excused from bringing me an apple!!

Suztats said...

Very pretty! I can picture these as lovely buttons on a white CQ piece!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Teacher's Pet? Wow! I like all of these Doreen - bullion stitch scares me too, so I definitely need to take one of Karen's classes so I can learn to do it properly.