Sunday, October 30, 2011

Christmas Cards

Yesterday our Church ladies group had an afternoon making Christmas cards.
One of ladies from our sister church led the group and provided all the bits and bobs and we only had to assemble them.
Some of the ladies had never made cards before and where happy with what they had made.
These are the cards that I made--it was hard to get some decent photos but you can get an idea as to what we did.
The card on the top left and the two bottom ones were made by using a punch to cut out the shapes and then I assembled them.
The one on the top right is made from tiny triangles of collaged paper which we could assemble however we wanted to.
I chose to make starts from two of the triangle--others made Christmas trees and wreaths.
Gold and red stickers were added to finish them off.

All in all a good afternoon of fun and fellowship was had.


shirley said...

Very nice cards Doreen

Monica said...

They're delightful cards, Doreen - and a reminder that Christmas is coming.

Penny said...

You have been busy Doreen, love the caqrds and the buttons as well.

Heather said...

Lovely cards Doreen - great designs. I say each year I will make mine and then think that Charities will benefit if I buy theirs!

Nancy said...

Very pretty... the gold touches add a lot.

Suztats said...

Beautiful cards, Doreen! I just started a few this weekend. Yours are bright and in perfect colors.

Sandy said...

How fun. Crafted cards are so much nicer.

Janet said...

Love your Christmas cards! I haven't even thought about Christmas yet. You're way ahead of me.