Saturday, October 15, 2011

Damp Stretching Done

The next step in the procedure in Buttons and More was to damp stretch the fabric with the embroidery on it in preparation to cut out the circles around the embroidery ready to put them on to the metal button bases.
This part was new to me because I have always ironed the fabric after I have finished the embroidery which I now know is a no-no.
I can see that by damp stretching the fabric it is perfectly flat--something that Ironing would not achieve.
I do know how to cover the buttons but I am going to wait for my instructions from Karen just in case she has
a tiny tip for me----always willing to learn something new.
Gee I wish that white on white would photograph better.

Oh and another thing---whenever I check my photos after posting them on my blog--instead of seeing what I used to-ie a photo that I could click on and it would then allow me to enlarge it-----I now get a black screen that shows all my photos for that post in a line and it becomes a photostream.
Why has this happened?
I haven't changed any settings on my blog?---is blogger being a pest again?
Please leave me alone when I am happy Mr Blogger I do not need attitude from you.


Thanks to Penny my problem is solved.
Next time Mr Blogger should ask me before he changes something --or maybe he did and I wasn't listening.


Penny said...

Hi Doreen, there was a bit about going back to the way the photos were on blogger buzz a couple of days ago this is what they say.
If you’d like to disable Lightbox on your blog, log in to Blogger and select “No” next to Lightbox in the Settings | Posts and Comments section (new interface) or the Settings | Formatting section (old interface) I dont like the slide show either.

Heather said...

You are a model student Doreen - I remember damp stretching canvaswork to get it flat and square. Blogger is often changing things without my permission. Most annoying is the fact that I can no longer leave comments on some blogs that I have always been able to comment on. Why, for goodness sake?

Janet said...

Thanks to you and Penny, I have now discovered the same problem on my blogs....and I was able to fix them.

Maggi said...

I haven't damp stretched canvas work before either Doreen so thanks for the tip. It is looking really flat. I'm beginning to think that Blogger and Facebook are in cahoots with each other. I have stopped using Facebook because of all the changes it decided to make.

Anneliese said...

This damp stretching seems to be the one and only thing to do after the stitching. I am so happy about this hint. I am following your button-stitching with great interest.

Susan D said...

Thanks for solving that problem for me as well. If I wanted a slideshow I'd do it myself :(

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Damp stretching is obviously the way to go, but it's something I've never done. I always use the 'face-down-on-a-fluffy-towel' trick and never been happy with the results.

Suztats said...

Looking forward to seeing more lovely work!

Val said...

Beautiful Doreen, absolutely lovely, such intricate stitching. Looking forward to seeing them as buttons. Thanks for the blogging tip too and thanks to Penny.