Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hello Remember Me?

Did you all think I had fallen off the twig?
Well to be honest with you I have not had anything to write about until now that is.
I have signed up to do a workshop with the fabulous Karen Ruane called "Buttons and More".
If you don't know about Karen and her amazing white on white embroidery(where have you been) click on the link above and go check it out.
Karen is a very talented embroiderer and I have admired her work for a while this year and I follow her blog daily (because she posts daily).
This is the second class that she has offered this year but I couldn't do the first one because it crossed with the preparation that I was involved with for the Guild exhibition.
Now I know you are going to say to me "but Doreen you can embroider and do these stitches"--true---but anything that I can learn from Karen that will improve what I already do has to be a bonus.
The design that I have worked here involves French Knots (my favourite stitch) Bullion stitch (one of my least favourite stitches) and a spider web wheel (but with a few more legs).
My first sample was white on white but I then did a second one and added a small amount of pink which I am very pleased with.
This will eventually be made into a button after Karen shows us a few tricks.
Watch this space as the saying goes.


shirley said...

Hi Doreen, You are right with what you say about is not "just" the stitches themselves, it is gaining inspiration from other embroiderers to learn ways of enhancing your own work.

This is very pretty. I like the addition of the colour into the whitework.

Heather said...

That little touch of colour really lifts your button design Doreen - it is so pretty. Enjoy your course. I'm sure it will give you loads of ideas for using all those lovely stitches you have learned, and it's good to have that skill to hand before you start.

karen said...

beautiful Doreen.

Robin Mac said...

I only discovered Karen's blog a couple of days ago - she does the most beautiful work and I am sure you will be very inspired by the course you are doing. The hated bullion stitch looks lovely, look forward to seeing a button appear! Cheers.

Maggi said...

I'm sure that you are going to love doing the course. The samples shown on her blog are so beautiful. Very tempting.

Janet said...

Karen's blog is beautiful. I would never have thought of white on white embroidery as being interesting but it most definitely is.

Your piece looks great. I have tried doing the Bullion stitch both in embroidery and in crochet and I find it very challenging to say the least. I like the touch of pink you added. I look forward to seeing what else you do in this class.

Suztats said...

Oh how I wanted to take this class! But I shall enjoy seeing your work.
I love the toushes of pink!

Dorothy said...

I am sure you will enjoy your workshop, it is not only what your learn but hints to help along the as well as the comradrie. Look forward to seeing the results.

Monica said...

Glad to hear you have recovered from the exhibition, Doreen. This piece is very pretty and delicate.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Very pretty Doreen! I'm so jealous because I would love to be taking this right along with you - too much going on right now to contemplate it, but I'm clearing my slate to take her embroidery class in the new year, for sure.