Thursday, July 2, 2009

No Photos just words

Being creative in not part of my life at present--I have not been in my sewing/craft room for three weeks except to get things for the two Sashiko pieces that I have done while sitting watching TV in the evenings.
I have been having problems with my sleep patterns---creating at nights when I should be sleeping--sleeping in the daytime when I should be creating.
Because my brain was over active when I finally went to bed after midnight it wouldn't slow down long enough for me to stay asleep.
Then by early afternoon I was falling asleep for several hours.
So I have had to sort it out -hence I have stayed out of the sewing room -and it is working-I am sleeping better at night-but I can't settle down to do the creating during the day.
I have always created at night-sometimes into the wee small hours all I have to do now is to get my creative juices flowing during the day.
I am trying believe me-but it is so strange.
Hang in there something will eventuate.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Having problems sleeping is a total bummer and I feel for you. Hopefully it will right itself so you can get back to creating soon.

Janet said...

I hope you get back on track soon. It's no fun when you can't sleep or create.

Lalhezar said...

Doreen I was wondering what had happened to your blog posts. I will ring you tomorrow. Suzanne

Joei Rhode Island said...

Will wait patiently for your pictures of joy and stitching. Hope you get your sleep pattern in order...maybe you should make a dream fairy. =-)

Heather said...

It must be so frustrating for you Doreen - hope you are soon back on track.

Paula Hewitt said...

Hi D
I hope you get your sleep patterns sorted out! poor you.

Doris said...

i hope you can sleep well soon,and the crreativity back too,in the day.

Doreen,for informatic trouble, i change my URL-blog, my new url is:
sorry for th trouble.

Christine said...

Doreen, I have that problem too at the moment, perhaps it's seasonal? Presently I'm retiring by 10pm most nights, waking after a fitful night around 6am - 7am then almost falling asleep during lunch. I think in the Winter I do less physical activity outdoors, I'm doing even less stitching (for me that is) than ever before. I hope you work out your own answer, I'm see-sawing between hibernation and frantic activity outside the home.
Perhaps you need a deadline or 2? That usually works for me, LOL.

freebird said...

That sounds terrible. Sleeping problems can be a bear. They wear you out and they are so hard to find an answer to. Could you try doing a short something creative in the early morning hours and then work on the sashiko come afternoon so as to relax that part of your brain that wants to keep on creating? I've drunk warm milk with an aspirin before going to bed which everyone says yuck to but it works and with a little nutmeg on top it even tastes good.

Hope you find something soon as this already seems to be getting long term. Good luck.

Penny said...

Doreen I hope the Holey Moley Club will fix the problem.
Must say I also have that problem too sometimes but at the moment I seem to be sleeping better than I have been for ages.
Miss your posts.

Jacquelines blog said...

I hope you feel better soon Doreen, miss your post.
Big hug to cheer you up!

Maureen said...

Sleep probs are not nice Doreen so hope you get sorted soon and get back on the creative path.

linda stokes said...

Hope you get back to creating soon Doreen. I often have trouble sleeping too, especially when ideas are buzzing around the brain or deadlines are looming. A short afternoon nap seems to help but not too long or it messes up sleep patterns.
Best wishes.