Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A little Holiday break

This will be my last post for a while because we are off on an exciting venture.
Very early in the morning we are heading off to Perth (on the opposite side of this big country of ours for the non Aussies who may be reading this) for a ten day holiday.
I can't ever remember going away for longer than a week for a holiday and I am getting excited at the thought of the whole thing.
And why am I going to Perth you may well ask?
Well it just happens that Maggie Grey is out in Oz at present and will be giving workshops in Perth while she is here and I will be lucky enough to be attending one of these next Tuesday VBG.
The fact that I am flying from one side of the country to the other didn't deter me because I will also get to see Dale at The Thread Studio (my credit card is twitching at the thought).
I have been an admirer of Maggie Grey's work for a long time and to have this opportunity to attend a workshop with her in person --well I just couldn't miss it could I.
And I will also get to meet some of my Aussie blogging friends in the flesh-in person-to touch.
Linda S whom I have been friends with for many years now and Joanne B (Aussie Jo) will both be at the same workshop.
When we discovered that we had booked into the workshop we decided to book for the same day so that we could finally meet -how cool is that.
So while I am away--be good--and I will tell you all about it when I get back.

Only one more sleep---------------


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hope you have a GREAT time!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back. Have fun!

Aussie Jo said...

Lucky we are not on the same flight, we have a purple suitcase too!!
Have a good flight and I'll be in touch when we get there. We fly out Thursday arvo.

Heather said...

I can almost feel your excitement from here. Hope you have a wonderful time - I would love to meet Maggie and Dale. Will you tell Aussie Jo that I have posted the ragrug tutorial on my blog please. I can't find her blog to leave her a comment. Looking forward to hearing all about your holiday when you get back. Enjoy yourself Doreen.

Dot said...

I am sure you will have a wonderful time Doreen. Look forward to hearing all about your trip and workshop when you return. I smiled at the thought of your credit card twitching at the thought of visiting Dale's Thread Studio. It is a wonderful place!
Love your colorful luggage too.
Happy travelling my friend.
Dot xx

Joei Rhode Island said...

Oh!!Oh!! Lucky you!
Dale and Maggie in one visit...Yipee!! Can't wait to see what you come up with after that.

Monica said...

Doreen, I hope you have a wonderful trip. I'm sure you'll enjoy the workshop and meeting online buddies. I hope you don't have too much excess baggage on your return trip.

kiwicarole said...

What a fantastic sounding trip!! Wish I was coming with you, have fun and I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back!
Carole ;)

Anonymous said...

Have a Great trip, Enjoy!

Sandy said...

Lucky you.

Purple Missus said...

Have a really good time Doreen - this could be just the boost you need. :))

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Hope your trip was MARVELOUS!!

Jacquelines blog said...

Have fun Doreen!!!!

Julie H said...

I hope you have had a wonderful time Doreen! I live just over four hours south of Perth so was not able to make the trip this year.
The thread studio is an Aladdin's Cave, I look forward to seeing what your c/c twitched over.

Doris said...

have a great time Doreen and a good trip.

Val said...

I'm thinking of you every day - gradually turning a very dark shade of green! Don't 'work' too hard......

Susan said...

I've been worried about you for a while because I haven't heard a thing from you...which, I know, is entirely my fault. It is totally wrong of me to expect you to be the one who continually checks in on my blog and leaves a comment. Please, please forgive me for that. I should have known, however, that you've been completely busy....and I'm sending my best wishes that this experience in Perth is more than you could ever hope for! Maggie and Dale are both fantastic....I've seen them in action but hardly dared to speak to either of these very, very talented ladies! I can only dream to meet both you and Aussie Jo someday! Maybe there will be a seminar that will take me to Australia! In the meantime....try to get some sleep. Once...years ago, I had the same sort of problem. It nearly killed me. Establishing a regular pattern of rest and discovering your natural rhythms for creativity are important...for your health and for your productivity. I also LOVED the bubbles. Ebony is growing up so very, very much. You should be proud. I will stop by to see what wonders you have experienced and brought back from your trip!@
All the best....my special friend