Sunday, July 19, 2009

Holey Moley Club samples

I have signed up for Dale's online Holey Moley workshop which started last week.
As usual Dale has put together another good workshop but the good thing about this one is that it will run over 12 months.
The lessons come in every 2 months and there are 6 of them which gives us plenty of time to do our samples.
Plus Dale has been giving us little extras now and then to keep us on our toes.
We are making holes or mayby I should say circles in my case -because with the first one I didn't make the holes inside the circles.
The first sample is made using the Flowerstitch foot.
I love this foot as it is so creative once you master it.
By using the different patterned stitches on your machine you can create amazing flowers.
I even managed to make a star and if you click on the picture you can see it better--it was made using the scallop stitch that I have stitched out on the left hand side of the sample.

The next samples were made by wrapping the thread around some different sized knitting needles several times and then buttonhole stitch was worked over the wraps.
The biggest sized one was made by using the cardboard tube from a toilet roll.

In this sample the apricot one is made on a 20mm knitting needle (which is huge) and I have worked the second ring through the first one.
With the green one I worked halfway around the wraps on the toilet roll tube and then I wrapped the thread around my finger several times--and worked on these threads doing the buttonhole stitch- then I re-connected to the main wraps and continued around the toilet roll tube until I had finished.
I am now thinking up different ways to explore this technique.

Oh and I meant to say that in the very first part of the lessons we were using paper-tyvek and lutradur but I haven't done mine yet--naughty me.
I can't wait to see how this all ends up.


kiwicarole said...

This looks interesting - I'll be checking back to see your progress!

Heather said...

The Holey Moley course sounds great. I am still trying to catch up with myself on the Ratty Tatty Papers! It's terrible the way life sweeps in a takes over if you have to take a break from something. I love your samples and look forward to seeing more as the course continues. You've got plenty to think about and Dale will keep you busy!

Ro Bruhn said...

This looks like a great class, Dale's work is fabulous.

Aussie Jo said...

Great flower stitching Doreen.
Your buttonhole circles are very creative also.
Maybe i'll have time to catch up when we're in Perth!!!

Joei Rhode Island said...

Love the star, Doreen. You always do such fun things...I'll look forward to seeing how you use this in your work.