Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm on the road again-------

The creative road I mean-----
Finally I can show you something that I have done or should I say I am doing.
Another of my friends owns a patchwork fabric shop and she was saving me these tiny strips of fabric that she had left when trimming up the fat quarters----rather than open the fabric out and cut along the fold to get the 2 fat quarters she would leave the fabric folded and put the ruler along the fold and run the rotary cutter along and trim off the folded piece.
Me being who I am asked her could I have some as I was sure that I could do something with them.
I had thought of knitting them together and some other stupid ideas but I came up with this weaving idea.
The frames were made by my husband from some concrete re-enforcment and he painted them purple and put some plastic tubing on the ends and I was away.
I wrapped thread up and down over the bars to give me the warp threads and then I selected colours to represent sky -hills-grass and flowers and wove them in between the warp threads.
I ended up with a scene similar to the one I have here--
Then I would I put iron on interfacing on the back to keep it all together and then put a backing and border around it and add a bit of machine stitching to finish it off ending up with a little quilt.

This is what the frame looked like with the warp threads.

I will show you what it looks like when I have finished.


Fran├žoise said...

Looking forward to seeing it finished.
I'm glad you are back in action!

Penny said...

looks great Doreen, I must get back to some weaving, when I have time, holes and other things are obviously going to keep me busy.

Jan said...

This is such a original and creative idea. It is looking as though the end result will be quite beautiful.
I'm sorry to hear about your sleep problems - blame it on a creative mind! I have had the same thing for a few years now and it can wear you down really badly. I too have to step back from a while and try to re-balance myself, so I think you have done the right thing. Hopefully you are now on the right road again.
Take care.

Heather said...

What a wonderful idea, and a great way of using strips which might otherwise have been thrown away. The result is delightful and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished piece. Hope you are still sleeping well and enjoying having your creativity back.

Paula Hewitt said...

you are so clever. and so is your hubby for making the frame from reo. clever man, and he actually DID it too, not just promised. mabe he wants you back in bed - sleeping, of course - too ;)

i have been toying with the idea of woven landscapes using yarn. but now i can just admire yours.

Paddy's Daughter said...

What a clever idea, the results look great so far.....look forward to seeing it completed. You definitely have a great texture and colour blend there. Sue McB

Aussie Jo said...

Great effect Doreen, would look good with a silhouette shape over??

Dot said...

Love this idea Doreen and look forward to seeing it when you have finished.
Very glad you are on the creative road again . You must have missed it. But understand why you needed to get your sleep patterns back on track.
Dot xx

linda stokes said...

very creative use of materials Doreen & well done to your husband for the frame.
glad you're back on track.

Jacquelines blog said...

I bought something like that 2 years ago at a flea market. Never used it though. I am curious how you are developping this.

Monica said...

Great recycling effort, Doreen. I'm looking forward to seeing it when it's finished.