Tuesday, July 7, 2009

They are here

Todays post revealed the 2 books that I have been eagerly awaiting.
Lynda and Carol's Stitching the Textured Surface and Maggies Greys Stitches,Straps and Layers.
As usual Maggies book is great but I am truly amazed at what Lynda and Carol have achieved in their first book.
The quality of the samples in the book and the photos are outstanding and they are both to be congratulated on a top effort.
Now if anything is going to get my creativeness back this book sure is the answer.

On another note I would like to thank everyone for their comments and e-mails regarding my sleep problems.
I am pleased to say that I am improving in leaps and bounds.
Last night I slept for 9 hours except for a small break when the smoke alarm outside our bedroom door started beeping intermittently because the battery was going flat.
I climbed out of bed- got the step ladder and removed the offender and then went back to bed again and back to sleep.
Oh joyous sleep.


Heather said...

So glad you are sleeping better - it makes such a difference to daily life doesn't it? Aren't those books fantastic? I love them both and keep going through them unable to decide what to try first!

Susan D said...

Snap with the smoke alarm battery, 5 am on Sunday morning ours started to beep. Why does it always do it in the middle of the night????

Paula Hewitt said...

Im glad you are sleeping better. Those books both look very interesting - i cant wait to see all the thing you make with the inspiration!

Aussie Jo said...

Sounds to me like you could do with a holiday, in Perth!!
Seriously, it is important to try to get back to regular sleep patterns, I'm glad you're feeling better.
I read your post this morning about getting the books and thought mine should arrive today, and they did. I also ordered Julie Caprara's book and Maggie's embellish and stitch so it was a super duper parcel.
Will blog it all on the weekend, I'm trying to tame our 1 acre jungle this week.

Penny said...

Now you know what happens when you are half asleep and on a step ladder, you could fall off!
My books havent arrived yet, maybe today, cant wait.
Glad you are sleeping better, wish I was. I keep dreaming of holes.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh oh...obviously two more books I need to add to my wish list!! Glad to hear you're sleeping better...it makes a huge difference.

Doris said...

is a good news sleep well. the body need a good sleep time.

Lalhezar said...

Your rcommendation makes me want to get them already. Suzanne

Joei Rhode Island said...

Glad to hear your sleep pattern us back to normal....Can't wait to see what you come up with after experimenting with your new Inspirations.

Jacquelines blog said...

Glad you are feeling better Doreen, I am still impatiently waiting for the books..