Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September TIF

Well finally I have the opportunity to start my September TIF challenge CQ block
All my stuff for the Embroiderers Guild exhibition this weekend is finished(they don't call me last minute Doreen for nothing) so now I can piece my block together.
It still may not get completely embellished in the next 6 days but at least it will get started.
Now I have a slight problem- you see the colour of the top picture is the colour that my printer identifies as the ones it sees on my screen----and the colour in the second picture is actually the one that is on the screen.
Which one do I use?
Well I know I should use the second one but I am actually going to use the top one because I need some more lighter coloured blocks.
There seems to have been a few darker coloured blocks recently and I need some paler ones for balance.

So now I am off to look for the fabrics.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I certainly do see the olive-y green! Isn't that strange. And my gold was pink on my computer.

Aussie Jo said...

Printer inks vary so much, I like the top one too.
I know what you mean about embroidery guild exhibitions, I'm going to have a big two weeks of stitching etc to get my pieces finished, I have four in various stages!!

freebird said...

So what do you do with all these blocks when you are done?