Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More gifts

This week I recieved these lovely gifts from Mary-Anne in Canada which were a total surprise to me as I was not expecting them.
First there is this lovely Birthday card--I love the lady in the front-I would love a figure like that.
I have a collection of birthday cards already and my birthday is not until Sunday.

Then there was this postcard--if you could only smell it--I think MA must have used a rosehip teabag somewhere in the making of this because that is what I can smell --I know-I know the tag says Red Rose and it should be obvious but I can't figure it out.

Also she included a piece of this wonderful rusted fabric mmmm I have an idea running around in my head as to what to do with it--not telling yet what it is.

MA also included a bag of goodies for my card making--lovely--a girl can't have enough bits of paper and ephemera can she.

Last there was a package of paper art stuff for Ebony to use in her craft- I know she will love it because she is becoming a real bower bird collecting stuff for her creative art.

Thanks MA you are one really generous friend.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Happy birthday to you! Glad you like your goodies and that you might be able to find a use for them. As for the are likely smelling rosehips because I think I threw a couple of bags into the brew.

Janet said...

Such wonderful gifts, and the card is my favorite. I'd like to have that figure, too!!

Stitchety Grub said...

I love your Wild Women brooches in your previous post (the one for you and the one by you) .... gorgeous .. .I just participated in the WW Brooch swap hosted by Dale of The Thread Studio during the Craft fair we had at the beginning of August here in Perth Western Australia... there are pics on my blog right now if you are interested in seeing mine (I had not seen the book and just made 'em up LOL)They are soooo fun to do and like ATC's very addictive :-)

Genie said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday Doreen , Glad you are feeling better,

Maureen said...

Another lovely surprise package for you, a birthday everyday at the moment, have a lovely day on Sunday !!