Wednesday, September 24, 2008

September TIF block

I have managed to make my TIF block today and as I stated in the previous post I have chosen to use the colours from the print out.
I think I will enjoy working with these colours and I will try to get some stitching on it before the end of the month but I can't guarantee it.
Tomorrow(Thursday in OZ) is setup day for the Embroiderers Guild exhibition and then Friday-Saturday and Sunday I will be at the exhibition all day and I think I may be too tired to do any stitching when I get home.
At the exhibition I am in charge of what we call the recycle table.
This table is where we sell stuff that members have donated that they no longer use--things like embroidery books and magazines-embroidery hoops-fabric-threads-beads-Kits that have been purchased but never done(we all know that story don't we) in fact we will sell anything embroidery related and we do very well also.

Ok now I have to go and make sure I have finished everything.


Robin Mac said...

Good luck with the exhibition Doreen, I wish I was there to see it this year. There was so much really inspirational stuff last year.
Cheers, robin

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your block has turned out nicely...I love the colours! I wish I could come to your exhibition but it's a bit too far away!

Aussie Jo said...

That's a good idea for the recycle table, I will suggest that for ours.
Have fun, hope you're not too worn out with all that talking and smiling at people, although I suspect you've had plenty of practice!!!