Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Week 9 Raised Herringbone Band

Well here I am and it is 1.50am and I have just finished stitching my week 9 stitch for the TAST challenge run by Sharon B over at Pintangle.
This weeks stitch is Raised Herringbone Band and I must admit that I have been put off by the fact that the base of the stitch is Satin Stitch.
I hate doing Satin Stitch and I was going to cheat and work it over a ribbon but I decided to bite the bullet and do the Satin Stitch.
Now even if I do say so myself I think I have done a pretty even Satin Stitch in my official Sampler and I may even do some more after this--who knows I could grow to like it.
I used a variegated Perle 8 for the Satin Stitch -a stranded cotton for the Herringbone stitch and a metallic thread for the lacing.

Here is my sample Sampler which I practise on first and that is worked in Perle 5's and is laced with a boucle thread.

Now I must get to bed so I am ready for week 10 which will be there when I wake up.


maggi said...

I definitely like the variegated one. Looks like satin stitch it is then!

Raphaela said...

Your raised herringbone bands look great. Very nice thread you chose. When I read your post I really laughed because my first thought was too: 'What satin stitch? I won't do satin stitch. I will take a ribbon instead.' But I did work satin stitch, of course.
Thanks for sharing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Satin stitch scares me too Doreen. I never seem to be able to get it to look nice and smooth. You did a fine job!

Janet said...

These are both beautiful. You'll be surprised that my favorite is the one with variegated thread and not the one done over the lavender thread. The metallic thread adds just enough sparkle to set it off.

Heather said...

Fantastic stitching Doreen, for any hour, never mind one so late - or should that be early? This stitch makes a very pretty border or edging and I love the way you have altered the look by working in different threads.