Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is it just me

----or are others having a problem as well.
Sometime during the last few days something has happened to my Bloglines feed notifier.
I have a bloglines icon that comes up in red which tells me when someone on my feed list has updated their blog.
Well over the last few days the icon has not shown up in red :-( and I was thinking that no one had updated their site.
Then whenever I go on to check just in case I now have to fill in my personal details each time and also identify one of those silly word verifiers.
This has become a damn nuisance.
Can anyone tell me what is going on or am I the only one that is affected by this.
Grumble grumble grumble.


Anneliese said...

Doreen, sorry I can't help you. I do not understand enough of this business. I am learning, every day something new about the notebook where I am now while the DH ist on the laptop.I am enjoying wonderful weather, like summer, on the balcony.
Hope somebody able will answer.

Janet said...

Sorry you're having problems. I'm not any help because I use the Google reader for my blogs.

maggi said...

Can't help you there I'm afraid Doreen, I have them on my blog list which seems to work OK. It showed me your new post anyway!

Jacquelines blog said...

I still use google reader to be honest, it never failes. But I can see that is very inconvenius. I'll that it will be solved soon.

kay susan said...

Hi, it's not just you. I got the word verification, I assume it's to try to stop spammers. I never did have the red thing.

susanmcb said...

I got fed up with Blogline problems and switched to Google Reader some months ago, and I find it much better to use. I think you can transfer all your present subscriptions across, so why not give it a go and get rid of the frustrations! Sue McB

Penny said...

Sorry Doreen but I use my following thing which comes up as usual on my dashboard.

Aussie Jo said...

Maybe try a different form of subscription Doreen. I use RSS feeds so I just click on 'Subscribe in mail' on the blogs and get all new posts direct to my email