Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm Late and I'm Early

I'm late with the week 11 Tast 2 challenge stitches and I am early with the week 12 ones.
The stitch for week 11 was Bullion buttonhole which is the one on top row and is worked in Perle 5 thread.
And the stitch for weel 12 is Sorbello stitch which is the one I worked in a Perle 5 thread which I had dyed myself last week :-]
I first heard of Sorbello stitch when I did a workshop with Jan Beaney a few years ago now.
This is my official sample which is starting to look very nice now.

This is my Sample sample-the one that I practice on first.

Oh and the green thread is again one that I dyed last week.
If you want to see how the stitches are done-drop over to Sharon B's blog and take a peek.


maggi said...

Lovely Doreen. I am even more behind than ever now but hopefully will catch up soon. Great that you are able to use your newly dyed threads for this.

Annet said...

It's great to see the threads you dyed last week. I enjoyed the results of you dyeing experiments! I started the sorbello stitch this morning, but I still have to finish my sampler.

Thank you for you nice comment on my bullion buttonhole. I bought the right needles just in time, because you told me which ones I could use for bullions! Thanks again for that too.

Heather said...

More lovely stitches - they look even better worked in your own dyed threads. Jan Beaney is one of my favourite textile artists and is a lovely tutor.

Sophie said...

You've done a workshop with Jan Beaney!! I'm so jealous!

Your stitching looks great. I really like your practice sampler too.

BTW - thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

karen said...

Hi Doreen, hope you are enjoying your vegetable soup!

Janet said...

I'm just late!! I never knew there were so many stitches in embroidery! I only ever did the basics but I love seeing all the ones you do.

Raphaela said...

Your stitches look so good and the threads are very beautiful. I like these pastels. Thanks for sharing.