Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Journal Workshop

Carole from Madness and Mess is going to do a Journal workshop starting on the 14th of June
and I have just signed up for it.
Carole does beautiful work and creates the most amazing stitcheries.
If you haven't visited Carole's blog before do yourself a favour and head on over there now and check it out--Oh and sign up for the class while you are there.
The badge for the workshop is on my side bar.


Janet said...

You're tempting me! That looks like a great class.

maggi said...

Looks like an interesting class. I am resisting temptation though as I'm already committed to two others. Look forward to seeing your results though.

Heather said...

This workshop sounds like a lot of fun Doreen - looking forward to seeing your journal.

Anneke said...

how can you sign up doreen for this workshops?
because carole lives in new zealand>
anyway, it looks great and i wish you a lot of fun

Sophie said...

This class looks like fun!! I think I might be joining in on this one too :) Thanks for pointing it out.

linda stokes said...

Looks interesting Doreen - some of your gorgeous dyeing results might come in handy there!
Thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog.