Saturday, May 30, 2009

Papers by Ebony

On Friday when I picked Ebony up for her weekly sleepover she was excited and keen to show me these papers that she had done at school.
I asked if it was a class activity that the teacher had shown them and she replied that it wasn't but something that she had shown several of the other children how to do.
It seems that she had spotted tissues with Texta pens and then added water until the colours spread out into these patterns.
Evidently she had folded them up to bring them home still wet hence the marks across the centre.
I love the colours that she has used.

And the second one-------

And another achievement for her is that she had her Martial Arts Grading this morning and she is now a Purple belt.
We were so proud of her as she works very hard and is becoming quite stong in her movements.
In fourteen months she has passed 4 levels but things will get harder from now on.
Well done Ebony on both of your achievements.


Fran├žoise said...

Yes, well done Ebony!
And the coloured papers are beautiful.

Caroline said...

It is so wonderful when they bring home little treasures!
Congrats,you have every right to brag!! These are the great years of watching them bloom! They go by way to quick!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Good for you Ebony. A purple belt isn't an easy thing to achieve. Love the papers too!!

Sandy said...

Good for Ebony. Nice papers too.

jan said...

You must be very proud, she is very talented!

Paula Hewitt said...

well done Ebony - on both counts! the papers are pretty good - i think Nana might pinch them. :)

and Doreen - i saw your pieces in the embellisher exhibit - wonderful, well done to you too!

Janet said...

Yea, Ebony!! The papers are fantastic and I might just have to try that.

Congrats on the Purple Belt, too. I think being purple is about the best thing ever!!

Heather said...

Well done Ebony - you could teach us all a thing or two.

Val said...

I absolutely second what Nan says - well done Ebony on both achievements!

Purple Missus said...

Now I wonder where she gets that artistic streak from. :)
Well done to Ebony, I know how hard it gets, my daughter got to a certain level (I forget which one) before admitting defeat - but that was several years ago now.

Susan said...

I know its been such a long, long time since I've visited your fabulous blog and left a comment! Please forgive me. I've so enjoyed browsing through all your posts....all the way back to Ebony's birthday. Many congratulations to her on that and especially her new artwork and new karate level. The wildflower quilt looks like it is going to be absolutely stunning. I loved all of it!


Beautiful papers - another thing to try one day ...

Maureen said...

Really good, love the colours ~Ebony has used.

Dot said...

I love the idea of Ebony teaching other children how to make these papers. Your influence is rubbing off on her :)
And well done on her Martial Arts achievements too!