Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Paper Arts samples

Today was the monthly meeting of our Paper Arts group at the Embroiderers Guild and each month we try out a new technique before we get onto our main project.
We have been learning to do different background techniques and today we learned about a Faux Encaustic technique which was simple and we all had a great time making samples.
Because we didn't have one of those fancy small irons that people use for this technique we used our own normal irons but we covered the plate in several layers of alfoil and we rubbed wax crayons onto the heated foil and then pressed onto cardstock to get a rather nice background.
Each colour was added on separately.
Here are the three samples that I made.

I can see great possibilities with this technique.


Heather said...

What a great idea and thankyou for sharing the technique. I gave my encaustic stuff to my granddaughter but have loads of wax crayons. I'll have a go at this as I'm always on the look out for new ways of making interesting background papers. I love the ones you have shown here.

Paula Hewitt said...

this looks great. brave of you to use your real iro, even with alfoil. id surely stuff it up.
and the pendant you won is beautiful - lucky you!

Sandy said...

It looks like a fun technique.

Janet said...

Doing actual encaustic work just doesn't interest me but this looks like fun! I love crayons and melting them like this is great. I like your samples....very cool!

Aussie Jo said...

This looks great, I can see a face in that second one.
Does it work on fabric as well, I wonder if you could do thicker and stamp into after ironing.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are nice, and better yet - cheap to make. You mentioned a special iron...is it the one with the triangular plate about an inch or so in size? If so, I have one of those and hate to admit I've probably only used it once or twice. If it works for this technique I might just haul it out!

linda stokes said...

Great samples Doreen, may have to give this a try.

Val said...

I agree - I can see great possibilities too - very exciting!