Sunday, May 3, 2009

And 3 More

The next three embroideries--- firstly the Grevillea done by Barbara Kelly.
I love the way that she has worked the leaves--that's exactly what they look like.

Then we have the Wattle tree worked by Shona Phillips--all those tiny French Knots.

Lastly the Wallaby Grass worked by Helen Hardie.
This is one of the many native grasses in Australia and Helen has worked the flowers beautifully.

Again apologies for the puckering which happened under the scanner.
More tomorrow----(I'm making you wait a lot aren't I?)


Heather said...

Daily treats - can't be bad Doreen! These are so lovely and when the whole thing is assembled it will be stunning. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Daily treats indeed! Oh, how I **love** flowers =-)
Computer/internet crashed and I haven't been on-line for over a week...Then I find this wonder I am addicted!

Janet said...

Everyone has done such beautiful work on these flowers. I love the native iris from a couple of posts back and the bottle brush. They're all so pretty. Can't wait to see them altogether.

Doris said...

beautiful work!.

Paula Hewitt said...

these are lovely - the quilt would be glorious. the green handdyed background is perfect for the flowers

Anneke said...

these are all so wonderful doreen.