Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ATC Swaps

I belong to a small group and we are swapping ATC's on a monthly basis.
The theme for the first month was chosen by Carole in NZ and she chose the letter "L"
Here are the four ATC's that I received for May.
The top left one is from Debbi in WA and her L is for "Leafy Lacy Lady." and I also think that she should have included "Legs" in that title as well.
The top Right one is from Ann in the Netherlands and her L is for "Love"
The bottom left one is from Annie in WA and her L is for "LACE and Lines" and the lovely lime green as well.
The bottom right one is from Carole and her L is for "Ladies and Lace"

This is the ATC that I sent to them and my L is for "Lavender".
The background is from a serviette to which I have added a hand painted picture of a stalk of lavender -a piece of ribbon and a printed word on lavender card stock.

Because I only had 4 of the pictures from the corners of the serviette I had to make my one from a different serviette.
The purple colour at the top of the card which looks like a column of smoke is actually part of the heart shape that surrounded this picture so it had to stay.

Thanks girls for these beautiful cards -this is going to be a fun group.
Annie has the privilege of selecting the theme for June and she has sent us something to use in the making of the Atc's but I can't show you yet until everyone has received theirs.
Let me just say at this point it will be very interesting.



All the ATCs are gorgeous Doreen x

Janet said...

I love looking at all the lovely "L" ATCs!! You know your lavender ones are my favs though!

jan said...

Thanks Doreen, love the ATCs especially the lavender fields.

Heather said...

Lovely ATCs Doreen, especially your lavender ones. Looking forward to seeing the June ones.

Val said...

Wonderful Doreen - great group. Look forward to seeing more as time progresses!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This looks like fun. I like your lavender ones! It's a great use for some of your serviettes.