Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The last 3

These are the last 3 embroideries.
After selecting the embroideries that had been done -taking colour-design etc into account we had several left over.
Members were told in the beginning that not all the embroideries would make it into the quilt but they would all be used in one way or another and be used as other raffle prizes.
These are the extra ones.
The first one is called Billy's Buttons by Lois Evans.
We had to make a choice between several designs and in making that decision it was considered that this embroidery would look amazing as a framed picture.
The stitching is exquisite with beading as well and when we placed several mountboard frames around it the decision was made.
Lois was with us at the time of selection and was quite happy for this to happen.
This framed picture will now be the second prize.

The next embroidery is worked by Joyce Weeks on the piece of fabric that has a photo transfer of Gum blossoms and leaves printed onto it and then she embroidered the blossom.
The fine stitching of the blossoms make them look life like.
This will be framed and used as a raffle prize as well.

The last ones were worked by Annette Horvath in silk ribbon and I am at this stage unsure of their names(waiting on Annette to get back to me)
These 2 were part of 4 small embroideries that Annette had done in case we needed to fill in a small area and we have used the other 2 on the quilt.
I decided to make these 2 into a small wall hanging and I have framed them in a piece of the variegated fabric that was used in the first small border on the main quilt.
There will be another border around this and some small embellishments to finish it off.
When everything is finished I promise to come back and show them all to you.

I am so proud of the work that everyone has done which has made this a very worthwhile project which we hope will raise lots of money for our Guild.
Thanks Everyone.


Heather said...

These last pieces are exquisite and I'm sure everyone will be delighted with the finished quilt and framed pictures. Hope you make lots of lovely money for your charity.

maggi said...

I have finally got my compute to talk to cyberspace again and just love the posts for the wildflower quilt. It must have been so difficult to choose which to use on the quilt and which to use for other things. Hope you raise lots.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

They are all simply beautiful! Someone will be be lucky to end up owning them, for sure.

Doris said...

beautiful work.

Paula Hewitt said...

how much are the tickets? - can you buy me one, please?

Janet said...

These will all make beautiful framed pieces or wall hangings. I'm sure your project will bring in a lot of money....who wouldn't want any of these pieces in their home!

Penny said...

What lovely embroideries I am sure whoever wins them will be delighted, I know I would be.

Aussie Jo said...

These are beautiful, I would love to buy some tickets also.

Dot said...

All of the pieces you have shown are stunning Doreen. I am sure you will raise lot's of money for your guild.

Val said...

Amazing Doreen - you've every right to feel proud! Look forward to seeing the whole quilt, when it is on display selling tickets - do you only take Australian Dollars?