Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Row of Little Ducks

Talk about over achieving ---this is week 35 in the TAST 2 challenge run by Sharon B over on Pin Tangle and it is new on her blog today.
Lately I have been behind and playing catch ups but today I decided to get stuck into it straight away.
The stitch is called Spiked Knotted Cable Chain stitch --say that fast ten times if you dare.
I am calling it the row of little ducks stitch--if you tilt your head to the right you will see what I mean.
If you follow the link you will find out how to do the stitch.

I have decided to use a different fabric to try and correct the wandering all over the fabric problem that I have been having and it seems to have worked.
It makes a difference when you can count the spaces easily--duh.
At the last Embroiderers Guild exhibition I picked up a little bundle of even weave fabric pieces and this is what I am going to use in the future--I think there is enough to finish this years challenge.


Janet said...

I see the little row of ducks! How cute would this be on a child's dress or along the bottom of some pants.

Aussie Jo said...

cutelittle ducks

Heather said...

Love your little ducks Doreen. What a good idea to use an even weave fabric - I'm all for making life easier.

Robin Mac said...

Love the ducks Doreen

maggi said...

Lovely little ducks. Even weave certainly does make life easier.

Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

Doreen, I have to tell you, when I first looked at Sharon's row of stitches I foresaw a flamingo chorus line. I'm gonna give a try later.

Raphaela said...

Love your ducks.