Friday, October 8, 2010

Floriade 2010

Floriade is held in Canberra every year for 4 weeks from the middle of September through to the middle of October.
I hadn't realised until this morning that it would end on Sunday so we had to don our walking shoes and head off for a look before it was too late.
The weather has been magnificent this year with plenty of rain in August and the flowers have shown how much they have appreciated it and the sun has been fantastic for most of the 4 weeks.
I was surprise that the flower beds were still in full bloom and the display of colour was glorious.
This bed had a border of black Pansies which had black Tulips behind it--so striking-----------------

There was even a display of Bluebells which looked like an English countryside scene----------

Everywhere you turned there was colour-----------------

Red Tulips------------------

This flower bed went as far as the eye could see--------------------

I love the reflections in the lake--------------------

Here is one with a flower bed in the foreground-------------

A gnome in the Tulips-----------------

Every year they sell these gnomes and people can sit down and paint them and they are then displayed around the trees in a small section of the park.
When the festival is over you can then go back and collect your gnome.
This section was painted by children under 6 years old.
The money that is raised goes to a local charity---------------

For the last few years there has been a sand castle that has been built in the shape of one of the buildings in Canberra.
Last year I think it was the War Memorial and this years one is of the Old Parliament House.
The work that has gone into building this and maintaining it for a month is incredible.

I love Floriade especially when the weather is perfect.


Heather said...

What a stunning spectacle all those flowers are Doreen. It makes me realise how fortunate we are in the UK to have the climate we are usually moaning about! (Who said whinging Poms?) The sand sculpture is incredible and so perfect. Thanks for sharing your great photos with us.

Doris said...

beautiful photos Doreen, i love tulips.

maggi said...

What a lovely colourful festival. Thanks so much for sharing the photos.

Christine said...

Hi Doreen, that gnome in the tulips is particularly fetching I must say, LOL. Great photos, I keep forgetting Floriade is on, one year I'll actually make it down to see the flowers. Would love to know how I get your Live Traffic Feed counter to recognise Guildford NSW by the way, LOL.
Christine in Guildford NSW

shirley said...

Doreen, that is the prettiest gnome I have every seen ..:D your photos are great love the reflections on the water. Had never heard of black pansies but aren't they amazing. The colours are amazing, the air must have been alive with the perfumes from all the blooms.
thank you for sharing.
shirley B

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely flowers (and that gnome is so well done it looks!). Really wish we were just going into the spring flowers and not facing winter soon.

Robin Mac said...

Just as welll we weren't there to put the mockers on the weather - Stuart sent me some photos of their visit, the tulips this year seem incredible! Love the reflections on the lake. Cheers, Robin

linda stokes said...

The Floriade festival looks gorgeous Doreen, must try to get there one day.
Enjoyed the pics of your exhibtion too.

dosfishes said...

Amazing flowers. I love tulips but the deer ate them to the ground here. Good to hear from you, I haven't visited enough lately. You are busy using it up aren't you. Good luck in the giveaway. xox Corrine

Dot said...

Beautiful photo's Doreen. I felt I was there with you(wish I was).
Dot xx

Dot said...
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Gina E. said...

Lovely photos, Doreen. You've given me a great idea for a spot in my garden next year. I've got 2 Black Tulips which flowered well this year, and I've got the dark pansies as well - but at the other end of the yard! So next year, I'll plant them with the tulips.
Those gnomes look so cute! What a great idea to raise funds for charity.
And the sand castle is sensational. People are so creative.