Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vintage dreams

I have finally finished this little art quilt.
I started it last year but I just couldn't get really into it.
You know how it is sometimes no matter what you do you are not happy with it.
I had put it away and I finally got it out about a month ago to give it another go.
I worked on it adding the laces etc but it still didn't talk to me but finally the other day I decided to add the little buttons and at last it is done.
It was very hard to take a photo because of the soft colourings but I think you can get an idea as to what it looks like.
I does look lovely in real life.


Jenxo said...

oh its beautiful Doreen, arent the alces excuisite?

Aussie Jo said...

Very pretty Doreen.
Very sad performance from the Cats though!!

Penny said...

Looks lovely. I have trouble doing such delicate things, not quite me I am afraid.

Heather said...

So glad you finished it Doreen - it's lovely. It's really hard sometimes to find just the right thing to add as a final trim, even though you know something else is needed. You got it right this time.

maggi said...

Lovely Doreen. The buttons were an excellent choice.

Ati. said...

Looks lovely Doreen. I have enlarged it and than I could see all the pretty laces :)

Sandy said...

She's lovely.

Christine said...

Very delicate indeed Doreen. I DO love how you've used the lace and the buttons. Amelie is trying to help me type this post, bit of a struggle, LOL.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Hi Doreen
Such a beautiful feminine quilt - you're such a clever dolly!!
Belated Birthday wishes to you - did you have a lovely day??
When I reached 50 - I decided to get younger each year instead of older so now I'm only 32 and you're only 30!!! Don't you like that idea?!!!
Big birthday hugs from New Zealand!!!
Shane xoxox

Val said...

Hi Doreen - I love Shane's idea of being only 30 - that makes me younger than you!! Your little quilt is exquisite - I love the pearls at the top. I enlarged it too, so I could look closeup - beautifully layered. I really must practice more!!

Angelcat said...

It's absolutely beautiful, Doreen