Monday, September 27, 2010

Exhibition 2010

This piece of Stumpwork was the Viewers choice for the best exhibit in the exhibition.
The butterfly is absolutetly spectacular--life sized-exact colours (the lady had a specimen to work from which was given to her by a friend who had found it dead in her sunroom).
I had trouble getting a good photo because of the glare from the glass-but you will get an idea of its beauty.

An embroidery set worked in cross stitch.

A beautifully worked Bag with 3 D work-Machine embroidery and machine made cords.
The colours were so vibrant.

A machine embroidered bag----the base is worked on an embellisher machine and then the other embellishments are worked by hand and machine-- brilliant.

More Machine embroidery------

The flowers at the exhibition were done by members of the guild who obviously know what they are doing.
Each year these ladies work magic with their arrangements which all helps to set up what is a wonderful weekend event.
This piece was stunning--the pieces of branches were permanently fixed into the container and the flowers were arranged in tiny vials of water.

This one really caught my eye-The flowers were arranged in the centre and around the outer edge there is beautiful veriagated yarns wrapped aroung a wire base.
I should have taken the photo when the flowers were fresh but I forgot to---but you get the idea.

More to follow

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