Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TAST2 Weeks 24 and 25

Here I have last weeks stitch(week 24) in green which is Siennese Stitch and below that the pink one which is this weeks stitch (week 25) Vandyke Stitch.
I like both of these stitches--very similar in their action but with a different outcome .

I tried to take a photo today of all the 25 stitches that I have done on my sampler but it wasn't easy to distinguish them so I will try again soon.
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Dot said...

I like that Siennese stitch Doreen. And you use the best threads (am suffering from thread envy he heh).

Heather said...

More super stitches Doreen, it's a pity they are not more widely used. We should maybe do something about that?!


Lovely stitches and I love those crazy heart too :o)

maggi said...

Oh my gosh, I hadn't even seen this weeks. These are lovely Doreen.