Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fibre Fever Round Two.

I have joined the second round of the Fibre Fever 6" fabric page swap that started this month.
We had so many people interested in the swap this year that Ati had to divide us into two groups.
We have some very interesting themes in our group and I am looking forward to interpreting them each month.
My swap partner for April was Kath from Crete and her theme is Ancient Symbols.
I searched the internet to find a symbol that I thought would be appropriate and I decided on this one.
Seeing as April was Easter and that Kath lives in Crete what would be more appropriate than the Christian symbol the Chi Rho which is the first two letters in the word Christ in the Greek alphabet.
The background is purple silk with the X and P in gold and there is a gold cord around the edge.

My theme this year is "The country you live in" which I chose because there are a lot of ladies of different nationalities in my group and I hope to learn something of the country that they live in.
My first page came from Ati who is the group leader and lives in Norway.
Her page is beautiful and is full of Norwegian things.
Firstly the background was knitted by Ati and is the hand section of a mitten-- the section on the right hand side is the palm bit and the left is the top of the hand (does that make sense).
The red/white and blue ribbon is the ribbon that they use to celebrate Norway's national day.
The buttons are from Norwegian cardigans and sweaters and there is a small Norwegian pin in the bottom right hand corner.
But the thing that I really love are the skates and as Ati said when she was designing the page, the winter Olympics were on and what better thing to make than skates.
Her husband made the blades for her and then she croched the boots.
Aren't they so cute.
I am not sure but I think that Ati has croched the edge around the top and right hand side border as well.
What a way to start my new book--thank you so much Ati I absolutely love it.

This year will be very interesting indeed.


Robin Mac said...

this is lots of fun Doreen, I am glad you asked me to join. Atis page is fascinating, who would have thought to use paper clips as skate runners! Cheers, Robin

Janet said...

Wow! Both of these pages are so creative and so beautiful. The purple and gold is so dramatic and I like the way you thought about the symbolism for it. And Ati's page is such fun! I think the skates are the crowning touch! This should be a great swap!

Heather said...

Your Chi Rho design is beautiful Doreen - so simple but very striking. I love the Norwegian page. Your book will be very interesting and full of variety.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

There's a lot of detail on both of these when you consider they're only 6". I think you interpreted the Ancient Symbols theme wonderfully and I have to admire the knitting pattern!

linda stokes said...

Both lovely pages Doreen. I like the topic you picked - should be very interesting for you.
Thanks for your good wishes.
ps: Ebony looks gorgeous in the dress.

maggi said...

I love the idea of your swap Doreen. You will have a wonderful book at the end.