Thursday, April 15, 2010

Erosion Bundle Big Day

Today in Australia is the 15th of April-the day I am allowed to undo my Erosion Bundles.
But seeing as the people on the other side of the world to me are still on the 14th April I decided to only undo one of my 4 bundles and leave the other 3 for tomorrow.
Three of them are hanging from trees but this one was buried partially in the garden.
After I had buried it I noticed a lot of ant activity going on in the vicinity of the bundle and I thought that I must have disturbed an ant colony but I decided to leave it there.
Here is the bundle after I had buried it back at the beginning of January

Well I was right because when I dug up the bundle this is what it looked like.
It almost fell to pieces in my hands and I had to unroll it very carefully.
This is the front of it-----

---and the back still covered in mud and dirt.

I am holding it open here so that you can see the start of the inside of it.

--unrolled a bit more--at this stage it is now in two pieces and we are getting into the centre of it-----

--a bit more---

--and the very middle of it.

You can see here a tea bag completely rotted away and some mouldy and rotted papers
with some tree bark.

I am really pleased with what I have ended up with but there is one major problem---the smell.
My husband said "You are not bringing that stinking thing into the house! "
I would love to mount it as is onto a piece of driftwood or something similar but then what?
I suppose I could hang it in the garage but he who calls the garage his will still complain about the smell.
Maybe the smell will go away in time :-(


Magpie's Mumblings said...

What is it about men and 'their' garages? Their smelly old containers of used oil and such qualify as 'good' stuff and our creative endeavors don't? Bah! I love your reveal and surely the smell will go in time.

Dotti said...

Maybe you could find a well ventilated but sheltered area to 'air' it out! Other than the have quite a treasure trove of textures and colors here.

Kris Henderson said...

Oh my oh my!! You have some excellent down under erosion to show off!! I love your idea of putting it on driftwood.
Perhaps a few days in the sun will cure the ugly scent?!
So looking forward to seeing what else you've got. Be sure to post a
comment on the erosion bundle blog.
I'll have a new post up tonight just for that!

kiwicarole said...

LOL! I can't wait to see who wins this one Doreen! Good luck! :))

Purple Missus said...

Love the driftwood idea. Would be a shame not to mount it on something. Maybe the smell will disappear once its been hung out in the fresh air.
Looking forward to seeing the other pieces. :)

maggi said...

That is really interesting. Did you ever find out what had been eating it, or shouldn't we ask. I suspect the smell will eventually go once it has been aired for a while.

Pat said...

Gorgeous decay, have you thought of spritzing it with mild disinfectant and then letting the fresh air do the rest.

Heather said...

You've got some great textures there Doreen - if the papers are too fragile to paint perhaps you could use some of the lovely new sprays on them. Maybe a spell in the fresh air would get rid of the smell, but if not, I wonder if a disinfectant spray would do the trick.

(hey)Jude said...

Wow! You have great stuff! I also like the idea of mounting it on a surface. I think after it dries out, you could spray it with a matte finish acrylic that would also seal it and seal in any remaining smells. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Oh Doreen, these bundles came out so great! Love your dye works in the new posts so subtle...

Seth said...

What wonderful disintegration you have here!