Sunday, August 10, 2008

Craft Show Stuff

OK Val I give up this is what I got at the Craft show.
Some wool tops - 100 grams--I just love the colours----------

These metal hook thingies to make book marks--there is a tiny hole in the curved end where you can add beads etc ---and I loved this beaded dragonfly--had to have it.

Then there were these plastic flowers and glass leaves that I can add to my CQ blocks---I know- I know I said I would only use what I had in my stash but---------

I wanted some lace that I could dye and this looked just like what I wanted--I got a meter of each--and the buttons are hand made ceramic ones which cost me an arm and a leg but----

The contents of the last 3 photos fitted into a small brown paper bag like you get your sandwiches in at the take away shop.
The sum total of all the above was Aus.$55 which is about a fith of the amount that I usually spend at a craft show.
I think I was a good girl.


Homeleightigger said...

You definitely were a good girl - love the smidgen of black in the red wool tops - but the thingies to make book marks look like demented fish hooks! (even with a hole for beading, how does the hook bit work?) The embellishments and lace are gorgeous - love the dragonfly! Val

Lise said...

I would call that a good girl! And I wonder what I will bring back home from the quilt show in Birmingham next Sunday - no small brown paper bags here - the largest suitcase is ready for take off on Thursday!!

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

This time !!! I say that every time.
The lace is beautiful - look forward to seeing it dyed and used because that is why we buy it isn't it?? or are you like me - a bit of a hoarder with stuff I really like and want to save for something special!!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Great haul of goodies and sometimes the best things really DO come in small packages. I knew we could convince you to show what you got if we all ragged on you

Jane said...

Thanks for taking me along on your shopping spree.. looks like a wonderful assortment of sensible goodies!

Susan said...

I'd say you were good. You cut your spending by 75%! If only governments would do so much. LOL!

I especially love the two laces. You get such different laces down under.

Susan said...

I've so enjoyed catching up with your blog. Like you, I managed to be quite restrained recently at the boutique set up with interesting merchandise at the symposium in Sweden. I needed only a small brown bag too....the I did manage a more sizable sum to fill it! I'll look forward to seeing your purchases in future works of art!

Aussie Jo said...

Small but beautiful, I love those beads, do you remember who you bought them from?

Dot said...

You were VERY well behaved Doreen :) $55 is a drop in the creative ocean. And I love what you bought (especially the plastic flowers - they are gorgeous).