Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August TIF Crazy Quilt block

I have finished piecing my block for the August TIF challenge and like I have been saying over the last few months this one was a real challenge--again.
This is the second block I made because I really didn't like the first one and when I had finished both of them I asked my husband which one he liked and he chose this one as well.
I do like to get his opinion because even though he knows very little about embroidery and all that stuff he is very honest with his opinions and I know that if he doesn't like something there is usually a very good reason.
All the colours have not photographed true---the 2 red looking pieces in the centre are really more burgundy in colour -for what reason this colour change happened I don't know because all the others look ok..
Embellishing this block will be very interesting. We have a big 4 day craft show here in Canberra starting on Thursday and I am rostered to work on the Embroiderers Guild stand on 2 of those days so I am going to take my CQ block to work on.
Oh and I am also going to have lunch with Sharon B and Annie W on Thursday which I am looking forward to.
Even though we live in the same city this will be our first official meeting.


Jan said...

What a lovely combination of colours. I love turquoise and brown

Shirley Anne Sherris said...

There's lots of scope here for some beautiful embellishment. Perfect place to do it too - on a show stand. There's nothing better than someone stitching to attract the visitors.
Enjoy the show.

Fran├žoise said...

Nice block!
Have fun at the craft show.

Purple Missus said...

My DH sounds just like yours Doreen :)
Have a great time at the Craft Show - and look forward to hearing about your lunch date.

Janet said...

I'm sure you'll draw an audience while stitching at the fair. And you get to meet Sharon B!! That should be fun.

Homeleightigger said...

Your block looks fantastic Doreen and your mix of colours just perfect. Have a great time at the Craft Show - AND KEEP YOUR HANDS IN YOUR POCKETS! Val

Sandy said...

Nice block. I do like these colors.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh oh - I guess I'd better get started on mine!!
You're getting to meet Sharon and Annie? Lucky you...enjoy, and we'll be expecting a full report afterwards.

Penny said...

the block looks terrific, and your lunch date sounds like fun. Pass on my regards to Sharon.I will be away doll making from Friday to Wednesday.

sharon young said...

Beautiful block, Doreen, you've really made the very best of the colour scheme, can't wait to see how you work it. It's always so exciting to see your finished piece.

Susan said...

I think this block is going to be another winner. Like you, I often depend on Steve's opinions. My Steve, like yours is very honest too!

Meeting cyber friends is wonderful! I just returned from a week in Sweden with Annica and Sara Lechner. It was an amazing experience. I've got over 800 images to sort through and a pile of work that accumulated in my absence, but I'll be posting about the trip soon!