Sunday, August 31, 2008

August TIF

I've made it but only just.
After being sick for 2 weeks I have finally managed to finish my August TIF challenge Crazy Quilt block.
I must say that my heart wasn't really into it this time- maybe because I wasn't well or maybe it was the colours or a culmination of both.
I have had a hard time getting a good photo because it is miserable outside-raining and quite bleak but hey we really do need the rain so what you see is what you get.
I'm not sure if you can see the lovely detail on the Mother of Pearl button in the bottom left section- it is so beautiful and was a gift from a friend at the Embroiderers Guild.

September the 1st tomorrow--the first day of spring here in Australia --another Workshop on the Web is due and the September TIF challenge will be announced and the next Calendar Girls postcard is due as well.
Yikes it is all happening isn't it.


Penny said...

I think this is an absolutely lovely block Doreen, maybe not your colours but they sing.
I certainly dont have the patience to do all that on a small block, I wish I did.
5 foals so far, all colts, and as you say, another TIF, WOW and we go to Coober Pedy and then I go to Geelong for a week and probably the new baby somewhere in the midst!Oh and I forgot our royal Show, September is a very busy month.

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Doreen, I like your TIF block. Did we use the same turquoise fabric? LOL

freebird said...

Very nice block. I took Sharon's CQ class but haven't finished my block yet. Love how your spider web is done in gold and fills the patch. I could see the detail on the button. It is a pretty one and it's sure fun to use the items gifted to us isn't it?

Doreen K. said...

Ooooh Doreen, I think it is gorgeous. I love the colors and the stitching is wonderful. I have never tried a crazy quilt block.
On September 22, It will be the 1st day of autumn here.

Sandy said...

Doreen, it's lovely. First day of spring-good for you. It's getting cold here.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beautiful work always! The colours are 'up' for September & are quite interesting. Oddly enough the colour that is beyond a doubt gold printed out pink on my computer!!

Jan said...

Glad you're feeling a little better. Hope you'll soon be properly 'up and running' (well perhaps not literally!)
Thank you for the birthday message. Birthday wishes to you also for Sunday (some of the best people were born in September!)

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Doreen - glad to hear you are feeling a lot better. Your block is just wonderful - I love all the detail you manage to get into your blocks - magical.

sharon young said...

It's a gorgeous TIF block, I adore the way you've used this colour scheme, and your embellishment is to die for :-)
Hope you're fully on the mend now, there seems to have been quite a few poorly bloggers recently.

Janet said...

Your heart might not have been in it but it sure turned out beautiful! These wouldn't be my colors but I think they work nicely together.