Monday, March 3, 2008

More Good Mail

Ebony and I are so lucky with the art that we have been receiving lately.
So many people are sharing their art with Ebony and encouraging her by swapping ATC's with her.
We received these two Button Angels from Jan in England and they are so beautiful--mine is the one on the right.
Ebony has sent Jan an ATC as her part in the swap.

I received this lovely Postcard from Lise inNorway--it has a small dreamcatcher in the top left hand corner.

Lise also sent Ebony 2 ATC's and Ebony has sent hers to Lise as well.

And here is the Crazy patchwork block I received from Maureen -----which I have to embellish as part of a swap that I am doing with her.
When I have finished all the stitching I will return it to Maureen and she will send me mine---which means that I am going to be a busy girl over the next few months as I will have to do one for Mary Anne one for Maureen and also my TIF block as well.

Enough of this blogging and now to get stitching.


Janet said...

That's some pretty nice mail. The postcard with the dreamcatcher is really interesting. My hubby used to make dreamcatchers.

All those quilt you think you'll have any time to sleep?!

Lise said...

Hi! Glad to know my postcard and ATCs have arrived safely. Ebony's ATC is just in front of me on my desk. She's so clever that girl! Sweet dreams with a dreamcatcher in your house!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Umm...Doreen? Do you think maybe we could exchange mailmen? Mine isn't nearly as nice as yours. Love the wee button angels/fairies...great use for buttons!

sharon young said...

What an inspiring Gran you are Doreen, Ebony must be very keen to do all these wonderful swaps. What a great introduction to textiles she's having.

Jan said...

Glad you like them x

Susan said...

Hi Doreen!
I feel quite ashamed of myself for being so far behind in my blog reading...but here and there I'm getting a few minutes! The paper batiks are marvelous. This is definitely an idea I'll be trying to store in the back of my mind for a future experiment. Thanks so much for sharing it.

I have a BIG meeting next Wednesday...put together by the local Cultural Council...including the Downtown Development head and possibly three sponsors and maybe the person from the World Affairs Council...and they're all excited about CYBER FYBER!


Gunnels blog said...

So much lovely post you have got!

Dot said...

Such lovely mail Doreen (and you and Ebony deserve every piece of it).