Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1 and the TIF Challenge

Sharron B has just announced the February concept and colours for the TIF challenge and boy are these colours different--I think this will be a real challenge.
If you want to read all about it just click here and it will take you to the appropriate place to read all about it.
Here is the colour palette for February so now I am going to have to delve deep into my stash to find what I need to make my crazy quilt block- but I am sure I will find something and I have to remember that I am not allowed to buy anything new (my self challenge) I have to only use what I have.


sharon young said...

Hi Doreen
Your not kidding about the colour scheme, my initial reaction was, yuk!!! But my Oh had a look and said he thought they were quite nice, but then again he is bordering on colour blind LOL
I think I shall try to follow your example, (please note the addition of the word try) and not buy any more supplies. I had a sort out this week and have only succeeded in throwing out 2 cops of wool!! All I've really done is put all the extra stuff in the spare room, can't bear to throw it away. The only alternative is to use it!!

Doris said...

i choose the color to...this month i must to think,,think a lot :D

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Doreen - I think the colours are going to be pretty difficult to make interesting on a crazy quilt that's for sure! Your teabag paper may come in handy for the brown colourway!! I'm going with teh concept.