Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cyber Fyber Exhibition

I dropped by the Cyber Fyber blog today and I was amazed to see just how many people have signed up for a trade with Susan.

She started out with 163 postcards that she had made for the swap (details here) and now has only 44 left- so if you are thinking about swapping a postcard with her I would suggest that you do so soon before they all go.

Also there were 130 ATC's available in the beginning -but now only 52 are left.

You may think that all the good ones would be gone but don't be fooled because they are all good which is a credit to Susan's talent to be able to produce such works of art.

The time that Susan has spent preparing this swap in conjunction with the Cyber Fyber exhibition in January is amazing and yet she still manages to create beautiful works of art at the same time.

Well done Susan you are truly one remarkable lady.


Purple Missus said...

And I second that Doreen, not only for thinking of the idea to begin with but also having the ability to carry it through.

Susan said...

Hi Doreen!
Thank you so very, very much for writing all this. Mere words cannot adequate express my sincere feeling...I'm somewhere beyond thrilled and excited and grateful and all the other adjective that come to mind!