Friday, November 30, 2007

What we did yesterday

Well it all started the night before really---I chopped up the fruit --put it in a big bowl--added some brandy--added a bit more for good luck --covered it up and let it soak over night.

Thursday afternoon my apprentice chef turned up to help--in hindsight not a good idea.
But anyway the apprentice broke the eggs into the mixture while the cook did the mixing.
Excuse the fat arms but it was hot and excuse the unsightly cords in the background also.

The apprentice just had to get her hands into the mixture--don't know what the health dept. would say about this but her hands were very clean.
Note the texta on the arms--not a good look.

The cook was putting the mixture into the pudding cloths but the apprentice had lost interest by this time --she had more important things to do.

All done and 6 hours later they were cooked.

I look forward to making my Christmas puddings every year--the good old fashioned way in a calico cloth-boiled in a big pot and the hung up to dry for a few weeks.
Does anyone else out there still go through this ritual?
I love it- love it -love it.
And I love eating it with Brandy cream-- Yummy


Lise said...

I do!! and I love it.
Lise in Oslo

Penny said...

I used to but now no one in the family wants it so I buy a small really good one just for John and I and love the brandy butter.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh. My. Altogether too much work for me!! Looks like you both had fun though.

Julie H said...

Oh Yum! I would like to eat them, one day when I don't work full time ...

Dot said...

I agree with Julie....yum!!!! Looks like you and Ebony had a wonderful time together.

I would have been dipping my fingers into the mix I think. Mmmmm...

Ati. Norway. said...

I would love to make it when I had a 'good' precription.
It looks so well.And you have had a good help too ;)
Christmas pudding is also a desert?
I am an old fashion cooker. LOL
For years I made Christmas cake, 6 weeks before Christmas and dripped it with brandy during the 6 weeks.
Oh, my, that was good !But now we are just the two of us and a whole Christmas cake would be toooo much!