Friday, November 9, 2007

TAST Week 45 Pekinese Stitch

This week we are doing Pekinese stitch-- I have heard of this stitch but I have never done it before.
The base row is backstitch and then the loop stitches are formed around the backstitches.
In the first two rows I have worked a single row of back stitch and I rather like the look of these two rows.
The third row has two rows of back stitch and then the loop stitches are worked between these two rows.
In the last one I have worked two lots of three rows of back stitch separated by a couple of rows of linen thread.
I then did the loop stitches over the three rows of back stitch which formed two braid like rows of Pekinese stitch.
I then laced them together in the lime green thread.
I know this looks different from Sharon's sample but this is how I interpreted the lacing when I read the Batsford Encyclopedia of Embroidery Stitches that I borrowed from the Embroiderers Guild Library.
To me it looks upside down to Sharon's but I don't think the Stitch Police will come and take me away--well I hope not anyway.

I have used a linen fabric and Perle cottons.


Susan said...

The stitch police should award you a gold star!

Seriously, the postcards look great. I've been working on a little piece that incorporated your idea of stitching down the strips of used organza...but it gave me an idea and it is working. It has turned into a book cover...I think. Now the pages I made might need a different cover. So, my results might turn into something else. I'll post an image when "something" is finalized!


Penny said...

I havent started my TAST for this week, hope tonight or sunday night, the new babe has taken up a lot of hours!
like Susan i would like to have a go at the material you did for the postcards, one day when i have time!

crazyQstitcher said...

Aaah you have achieved lovely loops, which on mine have disappeared somewhat. Lovely stitching.

Pat said...

I love the white band, it looks like lace.

Maureen said...

Funny isn't it........some 23 years ago when I was learning Candlewicking,I was taught this stitch!
Took me a long time to realize it was the Pekinese stitch.
And being a molly-dooker mine was the reverse of what was required.
FORGET the stitching police.....they belong back two centuries ago!