Saturday, September 8, 2007

TAST Week 36 Cable Chain Stitch

Week 36 is Cable Chain Stitch..............another variation on Chain Stitch.
I found this stitch a bit awkward to do as I kept having to turn the fabric around to work the extra knot bit between the chains.
This may have been because my thumbs were hurting whilst doing this sample.
Did anyone else have this problem?
I have used a piece of Aubergine coloured Dr.Flannel wool to work my sample and Perle 5 thread a - bit boring to look at but I like anyway.
I tried to make some sort of pattern but kept ending up with straight lines except for one tiny section.
And here is a photo of my bulging folder which holds all 36 samples......................
It is an A5 folder (half the size of A4) ....If I haven't made the book to keep these samples in by the time TAST has finished it will lay open like a fan....which could look interesting as a display anyway.

Now to get ready for week 37


Barbara said...

create a picture with stiches! Wow! and your book is a good idea for keeping the samples!

Dot said...

You are so organised Doreen. It must be good to look through and see all of the stitches you have mastered.

Dianne said...
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Dianne said...

Fantastic!! When I see this I wish I had of kept it up.