Sunday, September 2, 2007

TAST Week 35 Shisha Stitch

Week 35 is Shisha stitch in the TAST challenge.
I had done this stitch before several years ago in one of the groups at the Embroiderers Guild and I had a bit of difficulty getting my head around it so up until now I have not done it again.
To be honest with you I quite enjoyed it this time and believe it or not I started this sample at the Guild on Saturday in the same group that I had done it before.
The Shishas that I used were unusual because they were oval..I got them from a trade table somewhere.
It was difficult in the beginning to get the base stitches to stay in place because they kept falling off the oval ends but I succeeded in the end.
I used Perle 5 thread on a fine Linen
When I started I did the 2 variegated ones (on either side of the blue one) and they looked like 2 eyes- so I added the blue one --then it then looked like 2 eyes and a nose.
I was tempted to put a mouth in (but I resisted the urge) so I decided to put another one above the blue one.
Then I thought it needed something else to bring it all together and what else but some French Knots.

This is what the Shisha looked like before I started the stitching and it is about twice the size of the normal Shisha.

I now have to make another book to put my samples in because I can't fit anymore in the present one.


Angelcat said...

Your Shisha sample is beautiful Doreen and the french knots look great as an added embellishment

Vivian said...

Nice even stitching and creative use of colour. I also need another binder. As well as the samples, I've been printing off the directions as well. And, by the way the sequin I used was double the normal size.

Sandy said...

Using oval mirrors make it more interesting. It's good that you tried shisha again. Sandy

crazyQstitcher said...

It is awkward trying ovals, I know, but you have mastered it well. They are more even than I could manage.

The sample is great.


Dianne said...

Love Shisha stitch, but never tried it. These look great!!

Homeleightigger said...

You've made a super job of these shisha mirrors Doreen. I've never seen oval ones before. Your stitching is superb! Val

Barbara said...

super shishas! lovely!

Dot said...

These are really interesting Doreen. Great work!

sharonb said...

I just wanted to add my name to the list of those who are heaping praise. It looks to me as if this time around you have enjoyed and mastered shisha - and thy are a great shape

Helen Suzanne said...

love the shisha you've done here Doreen... The colours are just so sweet, and the little extra stitches around joining them together completely make it.