Thursday, September 20, 2007

Black and White Challenge

Every two years the Embroiderers Guild have a challenge in conjunction with the annual Exhibition.
This year the challenge was black and white to which we could add one other colour.
The other colour I chose was lime green.
We were also given in the pack 2 x 25cm of black grosgrain ribbon(different widths) with white spots and some black perle cotton and 25cm of white braid
If you go here you can see where I posted the instructions and also the fabrics etc. (back in January)that were in the kit.
I changed my mind several times as to what I would make but I kept coming back to the Magpie.
I had noticed on Dianne's blog that she had done something with a Magpie on it and she sent me the pattern.
This is my finished piece---I have made it into a bag...(doesn't everybody)
I placed the black-white and lime green on top of one another and stitched it down in rows and then cut between the rows to make a chenille background.
This used up half of the fabrics --so I was already covered from that point because I had to use at least half of everything in the Kit.
The narrow ribbon and the white braid are in the bottom left hand corner and continue around onto the back.
The wider ribbon is forming the loops for the handles to be attached to and the thread is used for the birds legs and the worms in their beaks.
The bag is lined with the rest of the lime green fabric.
I ended up using all of the ribbons/braid and thread --all the green fabric and 95% of the black and white.
I had a problem with the eyes because Magpies eyes are a brown/tan colour and I couldn't use brown because it would have been another colour added.
After the exhibition I will change them to brown.
I have just finished making it up which is lucky for me because early tomorrow morning we head off on holidays for 12 days --returning 2 days before the exhibition is to be set up.
I mean to say I have had the kit since January --no one can accuse me of rushing into it can they.
We are taking Ebony with us to meet all her cousins etc that she hasn't seen before so it will be lot's of fun (I hope)
I'll see you all when we get back.
Take care


Sue B said...

this is terrific Doreen!

Homeleightigger said...

I love the bag Doreen - the Magpies work a treat. Please don't change the 'eyes' after the Exhibition - from the pic. they look almost alive! Val

Susan D said...

What a brilliant bag!! Hope you all have a great holiday and see you when you get back.

Sandy said...

Nice bag. You met the challenge.
Have fun on vacation. Sandy

Penny said...

great bag Doreen I love it. Your stitches look great too. Have a lovely holiday.

Micki said...

Wow, great bag Doreen. Love the magpies.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh wow! I love this bag (of course you knew I would, since my on-line name is Magpie!!). It's in my current favourite colour too, so what's not to like?! Have a great holiday and enjoy your time with Ebony.

Nellie's Needles said...


Dianne said...

LOVE the bag Doreen!!! Have a great holiday - if you're stopping in Melbourne let me know!!!

Dot said...

What a great bag! Hope you are having a great trip my friend..

Barbara said...

what a bag!wow !