Friday, August 3, 2012

I Have Finally Figured it Out----

----Why I have not been blogging much lately.
I hate this new Blogger set up--it drives me nuts.
Every time I try to do a new post I can't find anything.
I know that if I just search around the page I finally get there but it is a nuisance--it was great the way it was before--well for me it was anyway-I'm too old for all these changes.
OK that's enough of me grumbling I had better tell you what I have been up to in the last two weeks.
Firstly we went to Melbourne for a few days break--it was nice to get away from home and the computer.
We flew down on the Tuesday morning but as usual with our luck there was a very heavy fog that morning and the plane was delayed for 30 minutes but once we got up in the air they made up 15 minutes so we weren't that late after all.
We were able to book into our apartment earlier than usual because our room was ready.
When we went into the room the blinds were shut and I wondered why -----

--the window on the right was actually a door so I opened it and was greeted with this view---

That's what I get for asking the receptionist (when I phoned up to make the booking) was that the best price that she could do for us.
The other side of the building is not much better but when we have been in this place before we were usually on the 8th floor or above--this time it was the 4th floor.
I went and visited my friend Kate who owns Buttonmania -a fabulous shop that sells buttons and buckles and she also covers buttons and belts and buckles for the Australian dress designers.
Here she is busy at work covering buttons--it is fascinating to watch her working away--

The contraption she is sitting in front of is the machine that she makes the covered buttons on.

These drawers are full of buttons-I look at them in awe as some of them are very expensive.

I loved this little tree that she had which was made with buttons--very clever.
I love spending time with Kate in her wonderful shop--and sometimes she even lets me play as well.
More tomorrow.


Heather said...

I feel just the same about Blogger and am still trying to get used to the changes.
Hope you closed your room shutters quick and went to find something nicer to look at. However, a cheaper room means more spending money!
Love the button tree, and buttons en masse are always fascinating.

carole brungar said...

I laughed, sorry, but have had the same experience overseas with windows in rooms! LOL
Love your button friend, what an amazing job, who would have thought?
Not long now till your NZ trip!

Jenxo said...

doreen you can still use the old interface on blogger ....see on the right hand side of of your blogger dashboard it has the settings cog icon ( next to where it says english )click on that and then use old interface and it takes you back...i miss your blogging and looks like a wonderful time was had in melb ...i havent been to that button shop, its on my melbourne bucket list :) 11 3testscs

Sue McB said...

If you really dislike Blogger, then perhaps you could investigate Wordpress. I gave up on B years ago as I found it unreliable and hopeless when formatting. WP is free, you can import the whole of your existing blog into your new WP, with tutorials showing how to do it, there are dozens of free templates for set up, you can have all the widgets and buttons on the side etc, and I find it very easy. Also they do not use that awful security code thing to verify anyone making a comment, which often prevents me ever commenting. to use. Check it out at

Monica said...

I know what you mean about Blogger, Doreen, I have the same problem. But it's not that big a problem because I haven't had much to blog recently.

Robin Mac said...

You are all echoing my sentiments exactly - why isn't blogger listening? Shame about the view from the room, but you weren't really spending much time in there looking out were you? Especially with that gorgeous button shop to visit! Cheeers

Maggi said...

I've never really seen the need to make changes for their own sake, especially if they don't improve upon what went before. I'm glad that the button lady visit made up for the lack of view from your room. Lovely little tree.

Jenny said...

Oh Doreen... that little button shop looks divine... Melbourne is always such a wonderful place to visit... isn't it...

Jenny x

Julia Ionov said...

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