Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Three Close-ups of Block three.

I have been stitching on block three and it is almost done.
I won't add any more on it until later.
The top section has a piece of embroidered doylie which I have used Running Stitch to attach it to the base.I also added a few Web Stitches plus the pink thing was going to be a very tiny Dorset button but after doing the Buttonhole Stitch around the ring I fount that it was too small to get the needle in to make the spokes to weave on-so I have just attached it like this--I like it anyway.

The middle section has three Guipure lace flowers that came from the lace off a friends wedding dress.
The lace section above the flowers has pink Running Stitch down the middle and French Knots as the flower scentres.
I added this lace because I was previously going to stitch my daughters name on here using waste canvas but I made that many mistakes that the fabric had more holes in it than a seive.

The bottom section some Web stitches have been added and a few French Knots.

I really must try and use other stitches -but I love doing these ones.

Now onto block four.


MosaicMagpie said...

Too funny about stitching your daughter's name. Just goes to show there is more than one way to cover some holes!

Maggi said...

Great way to cover the holes. This is looking very pretty.

Heather said...

These blocks are all so pretty, and what a great project for using some of those lovely stitches you learned a little while back.

Suztats said...

Beautiful stitching, Doreen! You're really fling on these blocks and creating gorgeous work. Do you have a project in mind for your pieces once they're finished?

Janet said...

Love that part about your daughter's name. This block is beautiful and just shows that if you make a mistake you can still cover it and go on.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

A thought - what if you stitched a tiny little flower inside the pink ring?

Penny said...

Lovely work and a great way to show how many stitches you know, and how to do them so well. My fingers are not being co operative at the moment.

Dot said...

Am enjoying seeing this project grow. Gorgeous , delicate stitching as alwaysxx