Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dancing Queen

Ever since she was born Ebony has spent New Years Eve with us.
Her dad was a DJ and he had to work as that was the most important time on the DJ calender.
We would take her to the early fireworks display and then come home and watch the Sydney display on the tv.
This year we didn't even go in to the city to see the early show-we stayed home and did our own thing.
We have always had non alcoholic wine so that Ebony could join in-she wanted to be part of it all.
This year we were watching a music show while waiting for the midnight fireworks and she started dancing away so I took a few photos of her.
She had her braids tied up on top of her head and they were swaying about as she jumped around.

I think she was having a great time until she discovered that I was taking photos of her that is.

Yesterday I spent seven hours undoing those braids -what a nightmare.
Every time she has them done I say I won't do it again but I do.
I reckon there was about two hundred of them.
Her own hair is about seven to eight inches long-the rest is hair extensions.
Her mother is the person who braids her hair and it usually takes about ten hours.
Anyway she has decided to get her hair cut this week(her decision) and I am so happy.
I think she needs to let her hair have a rest from all of this pulling and twisting that goes on.
I will show you a photo later-if she allows me to that is.


DIAN said...

Happy New Year Doreen.
The photos of Ebony are lovely and I am sure she had a great time.

Thanks for visiting my blog - I appreciate your comments.

Janet said...

Ebony is beautiful! I think she looks fantastic doing her dancing.

Kris said...

The photos made me smile...she looks happy and carefree. She is a gorgeous girl!!

Anneliese said...

Lovely girl! I always wondered how they manage to do these braids and how long one can keep the hairdo!

Heather said...

Great photos Doreen - oh, to have some of Ebony's energy!!

Emmy said...

she is a beautiful girl

Maggi said...

She looks so pretty and so grown up. Ebony certainly knows how to let her joy shine through.

Admin said...
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Sandy said...

It's nice to see her having fun.

Purple Missus said...

It's no wonder you are so proud of Ebony - she looks beautiful.
I love her hair too. Its a shame she is going to have it cut but I can understand why you are up for it. Do hope she lets us see the new look. :)

Robin Mac said...

Ebony is having so much fun, but I am sure you will be glad she is having her hair cut. I can't imagine sitting for the ten hours to get it all braided! Cheers

karen said...

well she certainly looks happy!!!